AATM has a membership base from twenty one countries and in six countries, it has well functioning country chapters.
AATM organizes annual conferences in member countries in every year in different countries.
Publishing news bulletin etc. Majority of communication is done though a professionally managed active website.


The Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) is a manifestation of the determination of leading specialists in Transfusion Medicine from Asian countries to work together towards finding solutions for their common problems in the spirit of friendship, trust and understanding and to create an order based on mutual respect, equality and shared benefits. The primary objective of the Association is to accelerate thescientific progress and common standard in Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) in member states in the South Asian region.

One wet workshop (WW) was organized by AATM with MoH Oman in Muscat from 21-23rd January 2020 on IH. Dr. Poonam Srivastava frm India and Dr. Mustafa from Iran was lead faculty. Dr. Zainab Al Fana is AATM country chapter chairperson from Oman and Dr. Shadhiya was the organizer for this WW. Dr. Ananda Gunasekera,  secretary general of AATM coordinated the program. Both organizations have taken decisions to extend cooperations in multiple fields in near future

imp Guidelines for Coronavirus Aide Memoire on COVID-19

About AATM

AATM works closely with various Associations member countries and AATM members for manpower development to achieve highest standard in blood transfusion services (BTS).

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Rare donor Registry

Since there is no centralized government initiative to have such a register on a national basis in most countries in Asia, an attempt has been initiated in India under aegis of AATM

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AATM members gets enquiry from different countries about specifications and worthiness of buying equipment and consumables for different sections of the blood bank.

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