About Us

AATM is a manifestation of the determination of leading specialists in Transfusion Medicine from Asian countries to work together towards finding solutions for their common problems in the spirit of friendship, trust and understanding and to create an order based on mutual respect, equality and shared benefits. The primary objective of the Association is to accelerate thescientific progress and common standard in Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) in member states in the South Asian region.


AATM is to work closely with various Associations/ Societies of member countries and AATM members for manpower development to achieve highest standard in blood transfusion services (BTS). Manpower development/ exchange will be at the level of doctors, technologists and blood donor motivators keeping in view diverse socio-economic, medical conditions in member countries.

  1. AATM is hoping to work with international organizations like WHO regional offices, SAARC and ASEAN in conducting manpower development program, technical up-gradation, advocacy campaign to propagate message of voluntary blood donation and safe blood transfusion.
  2. Regular organization of CME, workshop and seminars, especially on quality management program (QMP), through local chapters of Association for development manpower and quality standard at grass root level.
  3. To develop a Regional External Quality Assessment System among member countries with the help of international agencies.
  4. To offer consultancy to local governments in improving the technical up-gradation and implementation of quality standard of BTS.
  5. To start accreditation program of BTS in member countries with the help of international organizations to bring uniform safety standard for safe blood transfusion.


AATM is committed to establish inter organizational relationship among various scientific Societies / Associations related to Transfusion Medicine in South Asian countries and with various national governments, government organizations like SAARC, ASEAN etc. for the development of the standards of Blood Transfusion Services in member countries.

AATM intends to initiate a close liasion with International agencies like World Health Organization, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent Society etc. and professional bodies like International Society of Blood Transfusion, American Association of Blood Banks etc. To promote the standard of Blood Transfusion Services in this part of the world and to transmit the benefits to member countries.

AATM is taking an active interest in continuing education and training (CME) to keep abreast with recent developments for AATM members and workers in Blood Transfusion Services of member countries.

Board Members

Government Council will add 5 persons who have global standing and take pledge to establish AATM at academic, research & financial strong footings at inter organizational collaborationns.

Ms. Christine Bale, AABB, USA
Dr. C Th Smit Sibinga, Groningen, Nederland
James T Perkins, III, USA
Shobini Rajan, New Delhi, India

Dr Nabajyoti Choudhury, Guwahati, INDIA

Dr Farrukh Hasan, Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Ahmed Masoud, Kabul, Afghanistan
Dr. Md. Ashadul Islam, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr. Mahrukh Getshen, Thimphu, Bhutan
Dr. Chea Sokhim, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Dr. (Prof) Zhu Yong Ming, Shanghai, China
Dr. (Brig) Anil Khetrapal, Delhi (NCR), India
Dr. Fariba Seighali, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Abdul Milza Muhsin, Male’, Maldives
Dr. Erdenebayar Namjil, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Dr. Manita Rajkarnikar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Dr. Hind Al Humaindan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Lakhman Edirisinghe, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dr. Nurset Nuri Solarz, Ankara, Turkey

Dr. Ananda Gunasekera, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Dr. (Prof) Doud Adnan, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr. Amit Agarwal, New Delhi, India (Website & Publicity)
Dr. Ankit Mathur, Bangalore, India (Scientific Secretary)
Dr. Dharma Samrokon, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr. (Prof.) Md. Mazharul Hoque (Tapan), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. C. Shivram (India)

Dr. Vijith Gunasekera (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Hamed Faisal, Kabul, Afghanistan
Dr. Farhana Neela, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mr. Prema Dorji, Thimphu, Bhutan
Dr. Lim Bophasi, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Dr. Anju Verma, New Delhi, India
Dr. Mahtab Maghsudlu, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Adam Khaleel Yoosuf, Male’ Maldives
Dr. Tsogbadrakh Bayasgalan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Mrs. Nu Maya Rai Gurung, Kathmandu, Nepal
Dr. Lakmali Morawaka, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dr. Zahid Hasan Ansari, Karachi, Pakistan
Mr. Arsenio Jose Afonso, Dili, Timor Leste