Cellular Therapy


AATM Scientific Committee on Cellular Therapies (CT)

Terms of Reference

Cell Therapy Working Group is formed to promote new knowledge frontiers, sharing scientific support to learn and introduce potential practices in AATM member countries.

  • Claudio Dufour, MD – Chairman. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Namjil Erdenebayar, MD – Co Chairman. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • Aikaj Jindal, MD – Coordinator. Ludhiana, India.

This is a WhatsApp based working group with following Terms Of References:

The AATM Scientific Committee on Cellular Therapies is focused to review current evidence regarding stem cell therapies, with special focus on hematopoietic stem cells (umbilical cord blood, bone marrow & peripheral SCs). The topics are going to be from counselling, collection, cryopreservation, banking and transplantation. On the other hand, providing guidelines for health care professionals regarding patient education, informed consent, procedural aspects, and options for cord blood banking, with special focus on continuing medical and technical education.

Furthermore, we will share immunotherapeutic strategies including the one mediated by autologous & allogeneic Cord Blood / Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Placenta & Cord Tissue.

Our Main Goals:

  • To offer knowledge and guidelines for quality products and services through promotion of standards and accreditation,

  • To offer technical assistance to countries/ organizations requesting for developing any components cellular therapy services.

  • Market expansion – with readily available consumer access to banking services and cellular therapies, with both sources (Cord Blood and Tissue Cord Stem Cells)

  • Review and inform about Research and Development – through advancement and rapid adoption of novel technologies and therapies

  • Continue Medical & Technical Education

  • CT help & advise AATM to design the scientific content of the annual conference for CT topics

  • Having integrity and high ethical standards in our job.

  • To develop a social media (WhatsApp) group with interested AATM members with regular interactive updating of scientific materials through interactive engagements with the participants.

  • Sharing latest updates on Cellular Therapy on Monday of every week titled: “It’s Monday, Let´s Lean More About Cell Therapies”

  • Holding Scientific Online Webinar on first Thursday of every month.

Coordinator, Co-Chair & Chair are responsible for managing this activity on behalf of AATM Governing Council. If you are interested to join this academic activity, you may send your request to any one of responsible persons to connect you in the Working Team:

  1. Aikaj Jindal, MD; CT Coordinator; WhatsApp no: +91-9803002423 drjindalaikaj@gmail.com

  2. Namjil Erdenebayar, MD; CT Co-Chairman; WhatsApp no:+97688118058 nmjlerdenebayar@gmail.com

  3. Claudio Dufour, MD; CT Chairperson; WhatsApp no: +54-91144004148 claudiodufour@yahoo.com.ar