AATM Fellowship Programme

AATM is a transnational organization having members from nine countries. It has country chapters in six countries. Individual country chapters work independently for the development of total quality management (TQM) program in countries from this part of the world. One of the important components of TQM is External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS). This program will be open to all AATM members (individual/ life/ associate or institutional) and their associated blood banks; FREE of COST. It is purely a AATM initiative to improve quality system of blood banks of AATM member from various countries.

The country chapter will inform names of interested blood bank to AATM head quarter (HQ) and same information will be forwarded to EQAS service providers (SP) via AATM EQAS committee. The SP will start standing samples as per schedule to member blood banks about three times in a year. Member blood bank will perform tests in a particular sample as directed and results will be sent to SP by email. Once all results are complied, rating of the results will be done (e.g. excellent, very good, good etc.) and SP will intimate results by email to individual blood banks. It will give a chance to the blood bank to evaluate technical competence against an international standard and a chance to improve, if necessary. All EQAS results will be kept confidential between the SP and the individual blood banks.

This program is being supported by likeminded corporate having same mandate to develop/ improve total quality management of blood transfusion services in AATM members from various countries. Any blood bank interested to enroll in this program may apply to the AATM head quarter by email. AATM has understanding (MoU) with two service providers i.e EQAS program rolled out by (i) NRL,Australia & (ii) National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), New Delhi, India. AATM members from India will be served under NABH EQAS program and rest of the countries will be served by NRL program.

How to apply: Interested members should download EQAS enrolment form from the website depending upon the country of origin. The form should be filled up (with capital letter), scanned and send to the AATM-HQ by email. One copy of the application form should be addressed to the contact person of each country chapter. If the blood bank or person is not a SAATM members, he/ she is requested to contact country chapter nodal person to facilitate in starting EQAS program to the new blood bank. Once application is received by HQ it will forwarded to AATM EQAS Committee and process will be started from the next EQAS cycle.

EAQS Committee & Provider

Dr. Nidhi Mehta – Coordinator

Dr. Manita Rajkarnikar- Member

Dr. Md. Badrul Islam, Member

BEQAS, India