AATM stands for Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine. It is an association formed by the determination of leading specialists in Transfusion Medicine from Asian countries to work together towards finding solutions for their common problems in the spirit of friendship, trust and understanding and to create an order based on mutual respect, equality and shared benefits. The primary objective of the Association is to accelerate the scientific progress and common standard in Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) in member states in the extended Asian region. At present, AATM has individual members from 45 countries. In 19 countries, AATM has Country chapters (branches) where BTS workers from that country manages day to day affairs of AATM activities.

To work closely with various Associations/ Societies of member countries and AATM members for manpower development to achieve highest standard in blood transfusion services (BTS). Manpower development/ exchange will be at the level of doctors, technologists and blood donor motivators keeping in view diverse socio-economic, medical conditions in member countries.

It intends to work with international organizations like WHO regional offices, SAARC and ASEAN in conducting manpower development program, technical up-gradation, advocacy campaign to propagate message of voluntary blood donation and safe blood transfusion.

To regularly organize CME, wet workshops (hands on training), seminars, webinars; especially on man power development and quality management program (QMP), through local Chapters of Association at grass root level.

To develop a Regional External Quality Assessment System among member countries with the help of international agencies.

To offer consultancy to local governments in improving the technical up-gradation and implementation of quality standard of BTS.

To start accreditation program of BTS in member countries with the help of international organizations to bring uniform safety standard for safe blood transfusion

  1. Wet workshops: AATM organizes wet workshops in the field of Transfusion medicine and especially in Immunohematology & infectious disease testing. It is recommended that at least one AATM member (current annual or life) takes the responsibility as a local coordinator. Any blood bank which has facility to accommodate 25-30 participants in their lab & the class room can host the workshop. AATM recommend the schedule of the one day program but can be modified considering the participants need in that area & convenience of the host. If there are more participants and demand, the same program can be repeated in two consecutive days. Further details on conduct is available in the website
  2. Fellowships: AATM fellowship program is an innovative manpower development program started by AATM International as a larger component of total quality management (TQM) in blood transfusion services from Asian countries. This program is open to AATM members ONLY who are current annual member or life member or current institutional member who is less than 45 years of age. This program empowers AATM members to obtain training for a period of 4-6 weeks in an AATM designated foreign training center in a knowledge deficient area of the applicant’s country. There are a set of fellowship for medical doctors and another set for blood bank technologists. This program is being jointly launched by AATM with the help of likeminded corporate for manpower development in this part of the world. The financial part is being supported by corporate under corporate sponsorship program. . Further details on conduct is available in the website
  3. AATM Working Group : There are 3 working groups which comprises of Experts and other members from the society
    Immunohematology, Voluntary Blood Donation, Cellular Therapy, Plasma Protein Therapy
    Webinars are being conducted by each working group so as to bring experts to talk about and interact with other members of the association and other youngsters. Further details are available in the website
  4. EQAS activities: It is purely an AATM initiative to improve quality system of blood banks of AATM member from various countries. This program will be open to all AATM members (individual/ life/ associate or institutional) and their associated blood banks. This program is being supported by likeminded corporate having same mandate to develop/ improve total quality management of blood transfusion services in AATM members from various countries. AATM members from India will be served under NABH EQAS program and rest of the countries will be served by NRL program. Further details are available in the website
  5. Blood Bank Counselor training Program : Blood donor counselling training program to be organized by AATM on behalf of National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC). This program will be conducted for non-NACO supported Blood Banks (NNSBB) across the country which is about 1800 in numbers. This is the first time that NBTC/ NACO has signed an MoU with any Association/ NGO. It has got national importance and directly related to blood safety and prevention of AIDS/ HIV. This training program is a NBTC/ NACO program and AATM will only coordinate to organize in designated NBTC training centers. These training centers are Medical College Hospital, Kolkata; RML hospital,N/ Delhi; KEM hospital, Mumbai; TTK-Rotary Blood Bank, Bangalore. Further details are available in the website
  6. Mentor Program: AATM’s Professional development Programme (PDP) Team has a mentoring program. This six month informal program matches the young professionals who are looking for guidance in scientific publishing writings with experienced professional. Expand your professional network, take guidance from experienced professionals while building lasting friendships. Further details are available in the website

For Online registration, fill the form and make payment online for membership. Offline mode of registration can be done, by downloading the form from website and post or send the scanned copy by email. Please send the demand draft/ cheque or make payment online. Further details are available in the website.

Office of the President:
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