AATM Immunohematology Working Group

Terms of Reference

Immunohematology Working Group is formed to promote best IH practices in AATM member countries. This is a WhatsApp based working group with following terms of references:

  1. We intend to conduct educations programs online or offline to improve skills & knowledge about immunohematology among doctors & lab technologists.
  2. Working group invite the case studies from our colleagues across AATM courtiers for clinical resolution, transfusion advice as well as for educational purpose.
  3. Working group help & advice AATM to design the scientific content of the annual conference for Immunohematology topics.
  4. Working group will promote hands on training for blood bank staff by organising wet workshops at various places.
  5. Working part also discusses about website communications, exchanges of information and rare samples and recommendations for best practice.
  6. Following members are responsible for managing this activity on behalf of AATM Governing Council. If you are interested to join this academic activity, you may send your request to any one of responsible persons to connect you in the Working Group:
  1. Chairperson:- Dr. Ankit Mathur, WhatsApp no:- +91 9740594251, Email:-
  1. Co-Chairperson:- Dr. James T. Perkins, WhatsApp no:- +1-847-9020666, Email:-,
  1. Coordinator:- Dr. Mohammad Rafi, WhatsApp no:- +91-9447232666, Email:-