Voluntary Donation


AATM Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation Working Group

Terms of References

The objective of Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation Working Group is gathering AATM members who have worked in the field of donors, to promote 100% VNRBD and Regular Safe Blood/ Component Donation for both donors & recipients in the region.


To increase the awareness of members and creating collaborations between members/ countries.


  1. Experience exchange and academic post in fields of:-
  • Donor Recruitment & Retention
  • Donor Care
  • Donor Selection Criteria
  • Donor Vigilance
  • Whole Blood Collection
  • Apheresis
  • Trend of TTI in Regional Countries and Management.
  1. Discussing on related challenges as forum.
  2. Providing the related educational materials/ tools.
  3. Organizing joint educational programs/ workshops.
  4. Publishing reports and papers.


The Group maintains communication by virtual sessions via whatsapp messenger app.

If you are interested to join this Working Group, you may send your request to any following responsible persons to add you in the Working Group:

  • Chair :- Dr. Mahtab Maghsudlu, , Email:- maghsoodlu@yahoo.com, WhatsApp no:- +98-9122118028
  • Co-chair :- Dr. Lakhman Ediresinghe, Email:- lakshman.edi@gmail.com, WhatsApp no:- +94-773017340
  • Coordinator :- Dr. Dhamika, Email:- kcdsenevirathne@gmail.com, WhatsApp no:- +94718006968

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