Previously Held AATM Webinars

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DateTitle of the webinarAATM-OrganizerRecording
2022-03-25Access to Plasma Protein Therapy in Pandemic TimesPlasma Protein Therapy WG
Click here
2022-02-19Patient Blood ManagementPatient Blood Management WG
Click here
2022-01-27Immunohematology: Best PracticesImmunohematology WG
Indonesian Society Of Transfusion Medicine
Click here
2022-01-18Lessons Learned in Achieving 100% Voluntary Blood Donation, Iran ExperienceAATM- Iran CC
Voluntary Blood Donor WG
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2021-11-25Growing need to meet Blood safety- Is NAT the Answer?AATM-India CCClick here
2021-10-28Collection and processing of Haematopoietic stem cellsAATM-India CCClick here
2021-09-29Recent updates on Clinical Transfusion PracticesAATM-Maldives CCClick here
2021-09-23Improving quality is the need of the hourAATM-India CCClick here
2021-09-20Blood donor screening in challenging situationsVoluntary Blood Donor WGClick here
2021-08-26Apheresis Medicine: Plasma Exchange & TransplantationAATM-India CCClick here
2021-08-25 Immunohematology: Recent updateAATM-Oman CCClick here
2021-07-29 AABB Quality Certificate program: sentization to AATM membersQuality WGClick here
2021-07-23Problem Solving Immunohematology: Online Wet Workshop in North East IndiaAATM-India CCClick here
2021-07-22 Updates in Immunohematology: Need of Automation and advanced techniquesAATM-India CCClick here
2021-07-14 Rh system & current challenges in transfusionImmunohematology WGClick here
2021-06-23 Immunohematology: Recent updates from OmanAATM-Oman CCClick here
2021-06-16Cellular therapy webinarCellular Therapy WGClick here
2021-06-16 Blood Establishment in Covid 19 pandemic: Bangladesh perspectiveAATM-Bangladesh CCClick here
2021-06-02 Cellular Therapy: Recent Update from Asia & EuropeAATM-Head QuarterClick here
2021-04-12 Immunohematology webinarAATM-Oman CCClick here
2021-03-23Immunohematology wet workshop: Kerala, IndiaImmunohematology WGClick here
2021-02-25 BTS in –°entral Asian RegionAATM-Head QuarterClick here
2021-01-09 Plasma Protein Therapy : Challenges & Options.Plasma Protien Therapy WGClick here
2020-12-10 Investigational Approach in Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA): Case Based DiscussionImmunohematology WGClick here
2020-11-18 Covid 19 antibody assay & Convalescent Plasma TherapyAATM-Head QuarterClick here
2020-11-05Problem Solving Immunohematology: Online Wet Workshop in Tamil Nadu, IndiaAATM-India CCClick here
2020-10-01 Cellular therapy webinarCellular Therapy WGClick here
2020-09-03 Cellular therapy webinarCellular Therapy WGClick here
2020-08-06 Cellular therapy webinar Cellular Therapy WGClick here
2020-07-23 Chemical Reagents in ImmunohematologyImmunohematology WGClick here
2020-07-02 Cellular therapy webinarCellular Therapy WGClick here